Slingbox M2 Review & Giveaway

slingbox m2 review

Between housework, school schedules, work, travel, and kids’ sports activities, I actually spend very little time in front of my television. Each month, when the cable bill comes in, I cringe because I know I’m not using what I’m paying for.

Last year, I purchased a Slingbox to help solve the problem. The Slingbox allows me to watch live or recorded shows from my cable box, to any device, anywhere. This means that during the 45 minutes in the waiting room at martial arts three times a week, I could catch up on my recorded shows. We used the Slingbox to watch live local news when we traveled.

My husband and I watch different shows (he likes the comedies, I like the gritty crime stuff) and having the Slingbox allowed us be totally anti-social (heehee) and watch our own shows in bed with our respective iPads, with Scott using the Slingbox app and me using our cable TV’s app. That’s bonding, right there. But hey, it totally works for us – and we do watch Game of Thrones together!

When we made our big move to Nevada, our Slingbox unfortunately did not make it. My fault – I didn’t pack it well, and the box must have been banged up pretty good by the movers. Two weeks ago, Slingbox sent me their new M2 model to try out.

Installation was easy, I did it myself without reading the instructions (on the first try, even!) In this new house, we have our main television with cable hook-up upstairs in the den, and another television in our master bedroom. Our master bedroom TV does not have a cable box – just an Apple TV hookup.

In addition to our devices, the Slingbox M2 allows us to watch live or recorded shows in our bedroom – just by streaming through the Apple TV (it works with Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast, too.) That means no rental fee for any extra cable boxes for your home.

We love our Slingbox, as it gives us the freedom to watch, where ever we are. I finally feel like we’re not wasting money on our cable bill. However, here some of the cons:
– You can only stream to one device at a time.
– Sometimes, it’s a little slow to respond. Push “play” and it takes a couple of seconds to actually play.
– Ads on the free Slingbox app

How Slingbox M2 Works

Slingbox M2 Giveaway

Slingbox provided unit for honest review and another for a giveaway.


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