OmieBox Review & Giveaway

omiebox review

OmieBox Review

I pack the boys’ lunches every. single. day. They both prefer either leftovers from the night before or sandwiches — over school cafeteria lunch. We currently use 2 different systems – the Zojirushi Ms. Bento for hot lunches, and the Cool Gear for cold <--do not buy this - we don't recommend it! OmieBox recently sent over 2 of their lunch boxes for us to try out. My boys are a little too big for the OmieBox (I think the perfect age for OmieBox is kindergarten to 4th grade), but we sat down with the boxes and gave it a trial run last weekend.

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Here’s what we love about OmieBox:

– FUN design! Just for little ones. Big, chunky handles and latches, so that even the youngest can open and close their lunchboxes.
– Vacuum insulated thermos thats W-I-D-E!! This makes it so much easier to eat or drink soup out of. You can see everything in the thermos and it’s a good size for soups, spaghetti, rice, stew or chicken fingers. Thermos can also keeps cold things cold.
– Two temperature zones – so if you have hot food in the thermos, the rest of the OmieBox is air-insulated, designed to keep things cool. – The thermos kept things perfectly warm. I also put the empty thermos in the freezer before filling it, and that was a great solution to keep things cold.
– Moveable divider – customize width of compartment. Compartments spill proof.
– BPA free, dishwasher safe.

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Other thoughts on the OmieBox:
– It’s a little heavy – especially for really young kids.
– I wish there was a handle on the box, so kids could hold it like a briefcase!
– When I put hot food in the thermos, I was nervous that the cheese and fruit I put in the other compartments wouldn’t stay cold. We tested the temperature after 3 hours – the cheese and fruit were fine, but I wouldn’t put things in there that would spoil at room temperature.

The thing I like most about OmieBox is that little kids can use it themselves – even the thermos is easy to open with a big handle. The thermos is so beautifully designed to prevent spills and messes.

OmieBox Kickstarter from OmieLife on Vimeo.

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OmieBox Giveaway

OmieBox provided samples for honest review & for a giveaway