1byOne Video Doorbell and Security Monitor Review & Giveaway

1byone doorbell video review

1byone 7″ Video Doorbell, Video Intercom for Home Security

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to amp up your home security, 1byone’s video doorbell and intercom system is a good solution that you can install in a couple of hours. It also includes night vision, so you can see who is at the door after the sun goes down.

The system is a wired system, which means you need to run a wire between the doorbell and the video monitor. While many systems that you find online are wireless, the wired systems are more reliable and affordable.


You don’t have to share walls with the doorbell, but the two devices do have to be connected via two wires. One for power and the other for audio and video. Ease of installation is entirely dependent on how many walls separate the two. Included with the system is a 49ft cable – so you need to do a little measuring to make sure you have enough cable length to go through walls or attic space.

Special equipment for installation:

You’ll need a drill with a long drill bit.

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Quality of video:

Not bad! The night vision is surprisingly good. While the picture is a little grainy, you can make out who is at the door. Daytime video is fine, not super-crisp, but good enough for its purpose. My goal is just to see who is there – a friend, family, deliveryman or sales person. For the price of the 1byone video doorbell system ($129), I don’t expect more.

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The design of the doorbell is a little dated, it’s a little big and clunky. The silver tone doesn’t really match our gold-tones of our outside fixtures. I would have loved an option of finishes.

You can pick from 15 different doorbell melodies and can adjust brightness and color.

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