Cuisinart Multi Cooker Review & Giveaway


This review of the Cuisinart MSC 600 Multi Cooker features detailed PROs and CONs of the machine, our recommendations and a giveaway of one machine.

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Multi Cooker Review

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Multi Cooker comes in three different sizes:

  • 4 quart (for 1-3 people) $99.99
  • 6 quart $111.00
  • 7 quart (for a party!) $192.00 – this version is actually a 4-in-1 with the added ability to roast.

We’ve been using a different Cuisinart multi cooker model (PSC-650) for the past 2 years, and have tested 4 other large multi cookers for comparison.

Cuisinart Multi Cooker Features:

Slow cook on low or high
Simmer/Warm for up to 24 hours
Roast at temperatures from 250°F to 450°F for up to 6 hours (only on 7 quart model MSC-800)
Brown/Saute and even sear, with temperatures up to 500°F
Steam for up to 90 minutes
One touch lets you switch modes when recipe calls for combination cooking
Removable 7-quart nonstick cast aluminum cooking pot
Extra-large blue backlit LCD display with easy-to-read time & temperature settings
Glass lid for clear view of ingredients while cooking
Dishwasher-safe cooking pot and lid for effortless cleanup
Convenient retractable cord to keep counters clutter free
Includes reversible roasting/steaming rack
Limited 3-year warranty


Cuisinart Multi Cooker PROs:

Let’s start with what we love about the machine:

Lightweight: The old Cuisinart multi-cooker that I owned weighed a whopping 21 pounds. This was mainly due to the ceramic pot insert. It was heavy, chippable and just clumsy to lift and wash. The Cuisinart 3-in-1 cooker pot insert is nonstick aluminum cooking pot with teflon coating. The pot is dishwasher safe. The pot is more shallow than many other slow cookers, but that makes it easier to cook and clean.

Easy to use: LCD display is backlit, and is easy to ready. Setting the multi-cooker is simple, no complicated programming needed.

cuisinart-multi-cooker-review-2Retractable power cord: I think this is one of my favorite features. The power cord retracts neatly!!! We store all of our small appliances on pantry wired shelves and power cords are constantly getting tangled and dangling down.

Browns well: The unit heats up to 500F for searing/browning. It really does do a good job at browning. I’ve included a video from America’s Test Kitchen – you can see that the chicken thighs brown nicely.

Different Sizes: I love that they have 3 different sizes, a 4-quart unit for small families, a standard sized 6-quart, and a larger 7-quart that I like to use because we entertain often.

Smaller Footprint: The Cuisinart MSC-600 and MSC-800 are slimmer, sleeker than the previous Cuisinart multi cooker that I had. It fits much easier in my pantry.

Cuisinart Multi Cooker CONs:

Steaming Rack: The included steaming basket is actually just a rack. The only thing you can really steam using that rack is large items, like whole artichokes. If you want to steam broccoli or pretty much any other vegetable, you’ll need a separate basket or bowl that fits perfectly in the multi-cooker.  The larger 7-quart MSC-800 model actually comes with a steaming basket – but it’s very shallow and really would only hold enough vegetables to feed 4 people. My wish? A basket with higher sides so that I can steam lots of vegetables!

Steaming Function:  I’m not sure I would use a multi cooker for steaming. The instructions say to add 4 cups of water to the pot. It took over 10 minutes for the machine to bring the water to a rolling boil and ready for steaming. I can steam much faster in my wok or any other pot.

Short Power Cord: Okay, not necessarily a major con, but the power cord is pretty short. I tend to utilize my appliances on the kitchen island (if you use cooking appliances under your upper cabinets, the steam can damage and warp the cabinets above.)  The power cord is just too short. It’s long enough to reach the outlet, but then the machine sits at the very edge of the counter.

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Cuisinart 3-in-1 Multi Cooker Giveaway

Cuisinart provided unit for review and for giveaway



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