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The Newark Nut Company was founded in 1929 by “Poppy” Sol to sell high-quality roasted nuts and dried fruits at the Mulberry Street open-air market in New Jersey.

Fast forward 87 years, third generation cousins are now running the business, with an update on the business model: Nuts.com.

Nuts.com Review

nuts-com-reviewIn addition to the hundreds of varieties of nuts that they sell, there’s also 145 different types of chocolates and sweets, dozens of dried fruits, 44 different coffee offerings, and an entire section devoted to cooking and baking.

If you’re looking for a hard-to-find spice, I’m sure you’ll spot it in their collection of 106 different herbs and spices.

Here are some of my top picks for products at Nuts.com:

 nuts-com-review-3Red Boat Fish Sauce: This brand is my number one recommended brand of Asian fish sauce. The sauce is “first press” – highest quality, with no added chemicals or MSG. It’s hard to find at local stores, and I’ve only spotted it a couple of times at Asian markets.

Japanese Organic Soy Sauce: Not all soy sauce is created equal! (If you haven’t gotten my free booklet on the difference between good soy sauce and horrible soy sauce, come on over and grab your copy! Just look for the super bright red box on this page.) Nuts.com is selling the real deal soy sauce that’s brewed in Japan using traditional methods.


Salad Toppings!!! I’m most excited about this section of their shop – in addition to their hundreds of nuts and dried fruits that go great with salads, these are special ingredients that can add so much nutrition and boost of flavor to your everyday salad. The Raw Dulse is my favorite. It’s a dark reddish/maroon seaweed that is grown in the protected bays in Canada. The seaweed is a great source of iodine, iron, and trace minerals. Super healthy for you! I just crumble it in my fingers and sprinkle on top of salad.

$75 Nuts.com Giveaway

Nuts.com is providing a $75 store credit so that you can choose your own treats!





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