Beautiful Custom Wood Cutting Boards Review & Giveaway

This is a review of online retailer, and their custom, laser-engraved wooden cutting boards. Review

There are two types of cutting boards that we use in the Steamy Kitchen. The first is an antimicrobial poly cutting board by Neoflam for cutting raw meats and fish. It’s a large, lightweight board with silicone grips to prevent slipping. It also fits in my dishwasher and can withstand abuse and an occasional spray of bleach water for a deep clean.

The second cutting board is one that stays on my countertop at all times. It’s a custom made walnut cutting board, about 30″ square. This is my everyday board that is used for fruits, vegetables, cheese, cooked meats and even rolling out dough. I like the extra-large size, I can cut 4 different items on the board without having to wash or transfer ingredients.

We recently tried walnut cutting boards from, and were really impressed with the quality of the boards. Their products are all made in North America (they sell in both Canada and USA) and are made from 100% high quality maple, walnut or cherry woods.

We also had our Steamy Kitchen logo engraved onto both sides of the board. The process was so easy – just upload a jpg of your logo to their online ordering page. They’ll work with you on the size and position of the laser engraving. The laser engraving is so precise that even the tiny dots of the steam were perfect.

End Grain vs. Edge Grain Cutting Boards

The most popular wood cutting boards are edge grain. Strips of wood are laid side by side and fused together.

This results in a beautiful cutting board that allows you to see the pattern of the wood. Edge grain cutting boards are cheaper, and also will show cutting marks easily.

End Grain cutting boards are my preference. Long strips of wood are fused together, and then a board is cut lengthwise, revealing the ends of the grains.

These boards are much better for cutting, as the edge of your sharp knife blade is more “cushioned” by the very fibrous ends of the wood. This keeps your knives sharper, longer, and fewer scratches will show. But because of the exposed end fibers, these types of boards will absorb water and liquids like a sponge, so you have to be diligent and immediately dry the cutting board after hand-washing.

Generally, End Grain cutting boards are thicker and heavier and more expensive that Edge Grain boards. I recommend the End-Grain. It’s great for chopping and dicing vegetables. You’ll love the softer feel when cutting…there’s a little more “give” with the fibers and it will keep your knives sharper.

Taking care of your cutting boards

To keep the cutting board from warping, I recommend that you dry the cutting board immediately after hand-washing. Letting water sit on the cutting board or submerging the board will cause the boards to warp over time. Also, condition the boards regularly, about once a month. sells beeswax for $14.99. Just use your hands to rub conditioner on both sides of the board. The conditioner is food-safe (no need to wash after conditioning).

Also, I always make sure I have something underneath the cutting board, like a towel or even a small piece of rubber material that you use to line drawers with. This helps prevent the board from slipping during use, but also keeps the wood cutting board off of the counter and away from moisture. Trapped moisture under the board will warp and ruin the cutting board.

We recommend

The quality of the boards is top notch, the cutting boards are even, no splinters, no nicks. Also, the wood is already conditioned, ready for use. If you are going to laser engrave a logo, keep it small and in the corner. Laser engraving will cut into the wood, and will potentially trap food bits and bacteria in the logo if you don’t scrub well. The boards are made in North America! Giveaway

Giving away $100 gift certificate!


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