BurgaBox Review & $100 Giveaway

Sometimes a food can be so over-the-top, that you can’t help but just stare at it, wondering, “Where do I even begin?” That’s exactly the point with BurgaBox, the world’s first burger meal delivery company.


BurgaBox Review

This is the Whisky Tango Foxtrot (WTF) Burger. The layers: bun, pickles, onion ring, BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese, mac ‘n cheese, beef patty, bun. Oh, and there’s BBQ sauce smothered on top.

What’s in the BurgaBox?

The insulated box arrived, well-packed. First layer:


Layers and layers of ingredients, each packed individually. We got the package that feeds four. The buns were packed in a carton, to prevent squishing. I appreciated the way the box was packaged, with the ice packs strategically placed to keep the buns fresh (not frozen), the butter cold, and the beef patties still frozen.

The sides, clockwise from top: onion rings, cheddar cheese, BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, pickles, mac ‘n cheese.

More food: an entire pound of mac ‘n cheese with pulled pork, 1 pound of potato wedges, garlic parmesan sauce (for the potatoes), four all-beef patties. The package also came with coleslaw, which I forgot to photograph.

BurgaBox Review: Pros & Cons


Look at all these happy faces!!

We had enough sides leftover for another meal. We kept the burger toppings as sides, no sense in smothering one of the best tasting beef patties I’ve ever had with all the stuff that would distract from the burger itself. It’s a big burger – a very generous sized patty made of 80/20 Angus Beef.

BurgaBox has 10 different burger package options, including a gluten-free box. You can purchase just one box (feeds 2 $65, feeds 4 $75). Each box gives you options to choose Mac ‘n Cheese type (Bacon Jalepeno sounds delish) and Potato Wedges type (I’d still choose Garlic Parm).

Shipping is free. If you go to the shopping cart link, up pops a 20% off first time customers code.

Choose a “Burger of the Month” club and be surprised with a different selection each month.

I actually think the price is reasonable for the package to feed 4. $75 for all that food to feed 4 people (vs. $65 for 2). BurgaBox is a massive feast, which enough sides and toppings for a couple days of leftovers. Just the 1 pound of Mac ‘n Cheese alone will feed 6 people.


My box didn’t come with any cooking instructions, just food. Since I’m kinda handy in the kitchen, I knew what temp and how long to crisp up the potato wedges in the oven, and how to cook the frozen Mac ‘n Cheese.

It’s a high-calorie, high-fat meal. Not sure I could do this once a month. On second thought, I really could do this once a month. But I’d have to eat celery sticks for an entire 3 days afterwards, just to balance out the system. BurgaBox sells over-the-top indulgence, which is perfect as a gift or something once in a while.

I’d definitely take advantage of the 20% off first box just to try it out, which comes out to $60 to feed 4 people. All you need is a few beers to balance out the meal.

$100 BurgaBox Giveaway

Giving away $100 gift certificate to BurgaBox. They only ship to Continental USA, but I’m sure my Hawaiian and Canadian friends would know a friend they’d love to surprise!






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