Giveaway: CamelBak Groove Water Filtration Bottle

CamelBak Groove

NEW! From the makers of one of my favorite water packs, CamelBak, the Groove sports bottle filters as you sip, so you can hydrate on the go. Re-usable, BPA-Free, spill-proof bottle with a small replaceable filter inside the straw. (value $25)

Review: Love this. Actually, my kids love it even more. It’s sturdy, sports-friendly and has CamelBak’s trademark bite valve. Instead of buying bottled water, we’ve been carrying portable filtration bottles like this CamelBak Groove. I always cringe when my kids want to drink water from a public water fountain – but with the Groove, we can add water from the water fountain or plain tap water and know that it’s going to be safe, clean and good tasting. ~ Jaden

Hydration Capacity: 20 oz (.6 L)
100% BPA-Free
CamelBak® Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee™
Easy to refill and easy to use bottle with a filter built into the straw. Turn tap water into fresh, great-tasting water anywhere you go.
Durable, BPA-Free, easy to carry and spill-proof.
Flip & Sip: Sip with ease, flip shut for storage and no spills with the patented CamelBak Big Bite™ Valve.
Dishwasher safe. (See cleaning tips for more information.)


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