Thank You for entering the $100 Movie on Us Cinema Gift Card Giveaway

Thank You for entering the $100 Movie on Us Cinema Gift Card Giveaway! Chec out day Twenty bonus questions below

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  1. ant man movie

  2. Would love to see FastX

  3. Would to go to movies to see Creed 3

  4. Love to go to the movies. We haven’t been for a long time.

  5. My boyfriend really wants to go see the new Avatar movie

  6. I am finally going to see Wakanda

  7. When I entered the movie on us I never received my 5 entries for the recipe question it has a check mark that I did but never received them why??? It says I have 6 entries but it should say 11?

    • We are so sorry for the discrepancy in your entries and we appreciate you following up with us! We have brought this to our development team and are looking into what may have happened!
      In the meantime we have adjusted your entries and it should be running smoothly from now on.
      Thank you so much for bringing this up to us! We apologize for the confusion


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