Best Re-useable Grocery Bag

I go grocery shopping And I love it. It’s my favorite type of shopping to do and when I’m brainstorming recipes, it’s usually in the grocery store or farmer’s market.

So you can imagine my collection of re-useable grocery bags. I’ve got bags in every shade of color, every size. From tiny mesh bags that hold 2 apples….to a clunky, roll-y thing that never rolls straight (I *almost* brought down a farmer’s market tent when my roll-y cart went rogue.)

Of all my bags, this one is my absolute favorite. Here’s why:

Cabaggage Bottom Layer

Not only is it insulated, but the canvas bag is sturdy, water resistant, made in the USA and has different compartments and layers to protect your produce. No more squished tomatoes!

download (2)


Cabaggage Top Layer

There are so many well-placed compartments and dividers to keep produce dry, protected and neat. The canvas is a tight weave, which makes it a better quality that some of my handbags! But it’s still lightweight and easy to carry with adjustable straps that you can make short (hold bag with 1 hand) or long (over the shoulders).


MRKT - Slide - J10

I have the lime green and the blue bag in my trunk and can’t imagine going back to the ugly re-useable bags that I used to use.



download (1)

Oh, this is Jennifer, the inventor of this bag. She’s a mom to a sweet little girl who loves to shop the farmer’s markets in Los Angeles.

The bag is $68.00 and worth every penny. These bags will last you for many, many years.

Order one right here on Jennifer’s website -> Click here to order.

You can win one of your very own! We’re giving one away, the winner can choose the color.

See below for the entry form to enter the giveaway!



  1. Thank you!

  2. I like these bags.

  3. So excited to try new things!

  4. Good contest

  5. I love market bags, I’d love to add this one to my colleciton.

  6. May I ask how you wash your bags? My normal totes I just throw in the washer. My favorite ones, more vinyl than cloth, I spray down with vinegar water with a drop of dish liquid. More trouble, but they are awesome durable bags. Still nothing like these that you have. These would be so perfect for the farmers’ market, but I do worry about cleaning them.


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