Surpahs Drum Grater & Mandoline Slicer Review & Giveaway


We’ve had countless kitchen graters, slicers, choppers come through the Steamy Kitchen, and only a couple have ever earned a permanent place in my kitchen. I’ve got two for you today, the Surpahs Drum Grater and Surpahs V-Mandoline Slicer. We’ll review each of them separately, with both PROs and CONs.

Surpahs Drum Grater Review

I love cauliflower. It’s the most versatile vegetable, ever. It can transform into rice (Cauliflower Fried Rice with Bacon), mashed “potatoes” (Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”), or be grated for salads (Kale & Cauliflower Salad), which happens to be my son, Andrew’s, favorite salad. But it’s a PAIN in the behind to grate or chop into fine pieces. The crumbly cauliflower goes everywhere – all over the counter, all over your hands. Plus, grating by hand on a box grater is so dangerous on your knuckles and fingertips!

The Surpahs Drum Grater $29.00 is an inexpensive gadget that worked so fast, and saved my fingers.

This is the salad we’re making: the Kale & Cauliflower Salad.

The cauliflower is grated so finely, it actually resembles cheese, doesn’t it?

The Surhpahs Drum Grater comes with the base and three different blades- a fine grater, a large grater and a slicer.

The base has a large suction cup to suck onto your countertop. Just turn the lever clockwise to suck. Counter-clockwise to unsuck.

PRO: The unit is very lightweight, since it’s made out of plastic. Easy to carry, move, wash. The suction cup really sucks well. That thing never moved an inch while I grated! Releasing the suction is very easy, even with wet hands.

I chose the large grater. It popped right in.

Added hunks of cauliflower in the large chute.

PRO: Nice big chute.

CON: Handle is plastic too, snaps into place, but not sure how durable it is. But then again, this is a $30 gadget.

Pop the lid on top, and away we turn.

PRO: It’s SO EASY!!!!!

20 Seconds later, we have processed 1/2 a cauliflower.

PRO: Everything disassembles. Throw the blade, handle and top in the dishwasher. I’m not so sure about the base going into the dishwasher, mainly because of the suction thingy. I’m afraid the heat of the dishwasher would warp the suction cup…and then no more sucky.

CON: Storing an odd-sized, odd-shaped gadget with multiple sharp parts is difficult! Keep the box it came in and store it in that. Or buy a clear, plastic shoebox that they sell at the stores.

The Surpahs Drum Grater can grate chocolate, hard cheeses, nuts, zucchini, carrots, etc. Put in the slicer attachment and you can slice cucumbers. I didn’t have success with cheese slicing though, not like the photos they show on Amazon. For $29, this is a good buy, even if you just use it for cauliflower. For sale on Amazon.

Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline Slicer Review

Finally! A Mandoline that has almost everything I want. I’ve owned the Oxo Mandoline (too expensive at $70, not V-shaped which makes it harder to push veg through, and no grater or shredder blade), and the Pampered Chef Mandoline (good safety features, but the angle of the mandolin will give you tennis elbow  — it’s SO awkward!).

The Surpahs V-Blade Mandoline comes with 5 blades and a plastic blade storage box:

  • regular slicing
  • waffle fry blade
  • coarse shredder
  • fine shredded
  • grater

Turn one of the knobs on the side and out pops blades for thick julienne. Turn it again and thinner julienne for shoestring fries. (The other knobby knob adjust the V-blade thickness.

PRO: Here’s what so cool about this product: underneath the mandolin, the blades from your fingers by a plastic case. You don’t have to be scared of accidentally picking up the mandolin and getting nicked.

Open up the door, all these sharp blades!

The vegetable holder thing has pockets for your fingers.

CON: It’s not very comfortable. I didn’t like having to use 3 fingers and thumb to grip in the holes. I don’t get very much control, grip or power to to push down.

The other side of the vegetable holder are spikes to pierce the veggies.

PRO: But it works well! Apple slices for a salad.

Fennel shavings for the same salad.

PRO: The V-shaped blade made slicing so effortless. That’s because the outer edges of the “V” connect with the food first, gripping the food, allowing you to glide the rest of the way easily. The OXO mandoline was harder to use, with only a straight wedge.

CONThe plastic blade storage only holds 4 of the 5 of the blades. I want it just a little bigger so it can store all of the blades!!!

The V-slicing blade has to be put back on the mandoline for storage.

CON: Speaking of storage, you have to keep the original box to store, or again, buy a clear shoebox. I don’t trust throwing the mandoline, with the V-blade, into a drawer, even if I can turn the knob to get the blade level and even. And the veggie pokie thing would hurt if you reach into a drawer and poked yourself.

PRO: It works fantastic. The angle of the stand is perfect. The hidden julienne blades is jackpot. It’s less than $20! Buy this thing already!

Surpahs Drum Grater and V-Blade Mandoline Giveaway

Giving away one of each to a winner. But even if you don’t win this, it’s a good buy.


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