Past Winners

Winners are automatically generated and posted on each giveaway’s page via custom plug-in we built. So, unlike most giveaways, there’s no human interaction — just a random number generator that chooses the winner from the database of entries. This happens automatically at the close of each giveaway. The system will automatically post winner first name and last name, email the winner notifying that they’ve won and will email me winner information. I’ll then contact winner to coordinate shipping of prize. To see all past winners, just check out any closed giveaway and winner(s) are listed at the bottom of each page.

Giveaways that are co-sponsored by BlogHer run a little differently. BlogHer generates the random number, and we’ll email them which comment corresponds with the winning number. Winners are posted on BlogHer’s site, BlogHer notifies the winner and I also notify and update the giveaway page.

Previous Giveaway Winners

GiveawayEnd DateWinner(s)
Salt Rox Himalayian Salt Review & Giveaway2015-11-16Danielle
St. Pete Florida Beach Hotel Giveaway2015-11-12Phil
Panasonic NB-G110PW FlashXpress Toaster Oven Review2015-11-08Chris
$50 Kitchen Universe Gift Card2015-11-04Mary Watts
Smeg Toaster Review and Giveaway2015-11-03Steven
$75 Gift Certificate to The Cocoa Pod2015-10-27Marlene Lloyd
Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Review and Giveaway2015-10-26Melisa Melzl
Oster Versa Blender Review & Giveaway2015-10-22Cheryl
Aervana Review & Giveaway2015-10-22Lary Sinewitz
Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Giveaway2015-10-19Sarah Minges
Philips AirFryer Review & Giveaway2015-10-13Lisa
Made in USA Baking Sheet2015-10-13Clarence
Bella Popcorn Maker Review and Giveaway2015-10-13Eric
OXO Greensaver Produce Keeper Review & Giveaway2015-09-28Peggy
Cookie Cutter Kingdom Review & Gift Box Giveaway2015-09-28Carolyn
Tiger JBA-T10U Rice Cooker Review & Giveaway2015-09-28Edward
Falksalt Review & Giveaway2015-09-27Kenneth
Excalibur Dehydrator Review & Giveaway2015-09-21Lisa Pulignani
Tiger Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler Review2015-09-20Bj
Crisp™ Tools Review & Giveaway2015-09-15Marivic
Apple Watch Giveaway2015-09-12Judy Nieman
Grilling Giveaway from Smokin' O's2015-09-10Rebecca Foughty
Gourmesso Coffee Review & Nespresso Insissia Giveaway2015-09-09Nancy
Summer Essentials Giveaway2015-09-09Ken
Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review & Giveaway2015-09-08Leota
Gunter Wilhelm Chef's Knife2015-09-08Steve
CanvasPop $200 Giveaway2015-09-01Bruce Freier
Bio & Chic Review & Giveaway2015-09-01Hank
Soufeel Review and $150 Gift Certificate Giveaway2015-09-01Susan
Black & Decker BL6010 Performance FusionBlade Digital Blending System Review & Giveaway2015-09-01Susan
Ergo Chef My Juicer Blender Review & Giveaway2015-09-01Christine
Imperial Collection 9 Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set Giveaway2015-08-31Amy
Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Giveaway2015-08-30Lorraine
Three Bridges Weeknight Meal Basket Review & Giveaway2015-08-21Jason Tobin
Divine Walls Review & $300 Giveaway2015-08-11Michealy Review & $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway2015-08-06Ronnie
Lagostina Accademia Bistecchiera 11" Grill Pan Review & Giveaway2015-08-06Lyle
iPad Mini Giveaway2015-08-05Mary
UMAi Dry Artisan Meat Kit Review & Giveaway2015-08-04Judy Thuy
Taylor USA Smart Thermometer Review & Giveaway2015-07-30Donald
Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Review & Giveaway2015-07-30Debbie Bellows
Ribalizer Review & Giveaway2015-07-29David
Chef's Circle Digital Kitchen Scale Review & Giveaway2015-07-29Deanna
Cafe de Colombia Coffee Review & Giveaway2015-07-29Gloria
Cappec Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Review & Giveaway2015-07-29Kathy
Batistini Farms Olive Oil Review and Giveaway2015-07-23Robert Espinoza
GrillGrate Review & Giveaway2015-07-20Joycie Reames
Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner & Multi-Cooker Review & Giveaway2015-07-20Mc Ennis
Giveaway: ErgoChef 3 Piece Duo Tongs Set2015-07-12Melissa Melzl
Personalized Cutting Board from Black Canyon Giveaway2015-07-12Lisa
Harley Pasternak Power Blender Review2015-06-29Alexis
Robert Irvine 1300-Watt Halogen Oven Review2015-06-29Diane
Giveaway: DormCo Rollie Easy Egg Cooker Review2015-06-25Greg
Giveaway: SEEDS OF CHANGE® Grant Program Gift Pack2015-06-24Christine
Giveaway: Forma Backpack by Skip Hop2015-06-24Timothy Younger
Giveaway: Lobel's USDA Dry Aged Prime Rib Roast2015-06-24Danny Pironto Jr
Giveaway: $50 Visa Card from Savannah Classics2015-06-17Sam King
Giveaway: The Hot Squeeze Gift Box2015-06-13Paul Kindschi
Giveaway: Ilumi® Smart Light Bulb2015-06-13Roger
Giveaway: Remee Lucid Dreaming Sleepmask2015-06-13Rita
Giveaway: Wine for a Wedding box2015-06-08S
Giveaway: SushiQuik2015-06-08Joseph Cox
Giveaway: Cavaliere-Euro SV218D Wall Mount Range Hood2015-05-26Isabelle
Giveaway: Enviroboards2015-05-25Ryan Collmar
Giveaway: Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan Membership2015-05-24Ric
Giveaway: Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Bluetooth® BBQ Thermometer2015-05-24Stacy Spradlin
Giveaway: Mercola Grow Microgreens and Shoots Kit2015-05-21Diane
Giveaway: The Barman2015-05-15Wendy
Giveaway: Bentgo Lunch Boxes2015-05-10Loc
Giveaway: ThermoWorks TIMESTICK TRIO®2015-05-10Amy
Giveaway: TIM3 MACHIN3 Rice Cooker2015-05-06Bernard
Giveaway: iPad Mini2015-05-06Elizabeth
Giveaway: Puracy Housewarming Bundle2015-04-24Geri Cowles
Giveaway: The Air Dock 2.02015-04-21Julia
Giveaway: Hancock Gourmet Lobsters Mariner's Pie2015-04-13Gregory
Robert Irvine 1300-Watt Halogen Oven with Extender Review and Giveaway2015-04-08Connie Shafer
Giveaway: Crisp™ Cooking Tools2015-04-08Linda
Giveaway: Harley Pasternak Power Blender2015-03-30Charles Isbell
Giveaway: Signed Copy of Adam Mansbach’s 'You Have to F**king Eat'2015-03-23Wendy
Giveaway: Geddes Farms' Avocado, Gallberry Chunk & Blueberry Honey2015-03-23Eva
Giveaway: ChicWrap Plastic Wrap2015-03-17Jason
Giveaway: Tiger JAJ-A55U Rice Cooker2015-03-17Ann
Giveaway: CitriStar Juicer2015-03-14Debra
Giveaway: Lobel's USDA Prime Dry-Aged Rib Roast2015-03-10Marcos
Giveaway: Kalorik Meat Slicer2015-03-09Jason
Giveaway: Tea Beyond2015-03-06Kenneth
Giveaway: PB Crave2015-03-04Debra
Giveaway: $50 Lowe's Gift Card2015-02-27Stephen
Giveaway: Skip Hop Backpack for Kids2015-02-24Paul
Giveaway: Teatoxy for Detox and Weightloss2015-02-24Linda
Giveaway: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Wine Dyed Denim2015-02-16Michelle Melzl
Giveaway: Kindle Fire HD 62015-02-14Corinne
Giveaway: GIR Spatula, Spoon, Flip and Scraper2015-02-14Raymond
Giveaway: Baking Chez Moi Cookbook by Dorie Greenspan2015-02-14Shortie
Giveaway: $50 JCPenney Gift Card2015-02-13Jim
Giveaway: Drawer Decor2015-02-10Valérien
Giveaway: Buddha Teas2015-02-10Alicia
Giveaway: Kitchen Curry Master2015-02-05Judy Nieman
Giveaway: Purefizz Soda Maker from Mastrad2015-02-03Sharon
Giveaway: Panasonic Microwave2015-01-27Allen
Giveaway: Original Rabbit Corkscrew2015-01-18Louise Cain
 Lori Booth
Giveaway: Vanilla Extract, Spices from Rodelle2015-01-15Diane
Giveaway: Gourmesso Coffee Capsules2014-12-30Clifford Huffman
Giveaway: Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer2014-12-30Tammy
Giveaway: Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer #2 (yes another one!)2014-12-30Maisie Maas
Giveaway: $100 Target Gift Card from Ebates2014-12-27Geoff
My Favorite Jars (Limited Edition Harvest Green)2014-12-22Tammy Stephens
 Reginald Lincoln
Best Re-useable Grocery Bag2014-12-18Marlene Thorne
Giveaway: Thermapen2014-12-15Kenneth
Giveaway - Jacob Bromwell Copper Beer Stein2014-12-14Patricia
Giveaway: GelPro Elite Cardinal Mat2014-12-04Max Rothspan
 Donald Hartnett
Giveaway: T-Fal Optigrill2014-12-04Steve Mazzara
 Kevin Donovan
Giveaway: $50 Lowe's Gift Card2014-11-24Rose Demaio
Giveaway: $50 Minted Holiday Cards2014-11-15Detlef Tank
 Marcelle Armstrong
 Sabah Sultana
Giveaway: South Beach Miami Food Tour2014-11-03Stephanie Mcfall
Giveaway: Cura Coffee Company Organic Coffee2014-11-03Louise Hagen
Giveaway: Pampered Chef Summer Surprise2014-11-03Debbie Layne
Giveaway: $100 Amazon Gift Card2014-11-01Eddie Roberts
Giveaway: iPad Mini2014-10-30Ann L.
Giveaway: Great American Flask from Jacob Bromwell2014-10-28Robert Canning
Giveaway: WiseDecor Wall Decal2014-10-27Chanda Meas
 Darlene Alexander
Giveaway: iQi iPhone charger and KoolPuck2014-10-20Sam Legg
Giveaway: KoolPuck Wireless Charger2014-10-20Adam Cary
Giveaway: Dole Salad Gift Package2014-10-19Anna Ngo
Giveaway: Homegrown Gourmet Collection2014-10-17Jason Lapasinskas
Giveaway: Omaha Steaks' Burger Trio2014-10-15Robert Lemeshka
Giveaway: Lumsing Portable Speaker and Bluetooth Keyboard2014-10-02Tricia Baggott
Giveaway: Tribest Mason Jar Personal Blender2014-09-30Ken Withrow
Giveaway: $100 Whole Foods Gift Card2014-09-21Laura Blanchette
Giveaway: Sherwood Housewares Milk Frother2014-09-15Mary Varner
Giveaway: Shhh... It's A Secret2014-09-10Linda Obrien
 Ron Kirkpatrick
 Orna Soref
 Chris Jarvis
 Odette May
Giveaway: TrackR by phone halo2014-09-08Michael Hanlon
Giveaway: Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Machine 2014-08-31S Anderson
Giveaway: Homemade Doughnuts cookbook by Kamal Grant2014-07-20Linda Deming
Giveaway: the Paleo Foodie Cookbook by Arsy Vartanian2014-07-20Deb Philippon
Giveaway: Portable Ice Maker from Avalon Bay2014-07-14Mary Gurney
Giveaway: Kitchen Workshop: Pizza cookbook by Ruth Gresser2014-07-14Kirk Fitzgerald
Giveaway: iPad Mini2014-07-14Barbara Hickey
Giveaway: Glass Carafe Water Filter + Year Supply of Filter Refills from Soma2014-07-13Amanda Murray
Giveaway: Popcorn Gift Pack from KettlePop2014-07-06James
Giveaway: Superfoods for Life, Coconut book by Megan Roosevelt2014-06-30Lynne Duguay
Giveaway: Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips from Wonderfully Raw2014-06-30Jim Antibus
Giveaway: Cast Iron Nation Cookbook and Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan2014-06-29Lori Griffith
Giveaway: “Everyday Gourmet” Prize Box featuring NEW Gourmet Selects Tuna Fillets from StarKist2014-06-29Stephen Bird
Giveaway: Capresso Coffee Maker from Quill.com2014-06-22Russell Moore
Giveaway: The Taco Revolution cookbook by Brandon Schultz2014-06-22Denise Blados
Giveaway: Kale Crunch Kale Chips from Alive & Radiant2014-06-08Linda Frank
 Wilma Terlizzi
 Judith Miles
 Mary Smardo
 Lisa Johnson
 Rebecca Banks
 Ed Perlson
 Mary Auriat
 Chana Ireland
Giveaway: Edwardian Cooking cookbook by Larry Edwards2014-06-08Diana
Giveaway: 2 Heritage Cookie Sheets from Jacob Bromwell2014-06-03Susan Good
Giveaway: Organic Blue Tea from BlueChai 2014-05-25Caroline Mclean
Giveaway: Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace by Ethanol Fireplace Pros2014-05-20Cathy Espinoza
Giveaway: Digital Meat Thermometer from AcuRite2014-05-19Jay Z
Giveaway: Raw Honey and Beeswax Candles from Mohawk Valley Trading Company2014-05-18Robert Pearce
Giveaway: Tokyo Gourmet Gift Box from Try the World2014-05-12Linda Houser
Giveaway: Mother's Day Gift Collection from Uncommon Goods2014-05-11William Chow
Giveaway: Gifts for the Foodie from ShopTwine.com2014-05-06Kelly Engelhardt
Giveaway: Cool Wine Tools from OXO2014-05-05Bill Hoium
Giveaway: Aroma Rice Cooker from Aroma2014-04-28Thessie Fujihira
Giveaway: $30 Giftcard from RiverTea2014-04-16Wendy Selznick
Giveaway: $50 Amazon Gift Card2014-04-13Rainet Lewis
Giveaway: iPad Mini2014-04-13Leora Totton
Giveaway: Eco-Friendly Gift Pack from Paperless Kitchen2014-03-17Bohdan Zurawskyj
Giveaway: Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer from Paderno2014-03-17Wendy Barrette
 Diane Lansing
 Christine Summers
Giveaway: Fair Trade Products Bake Fair Gift Pack2014-03-17Melissa Kolbe
Giveaway: Ultimate Organic Crate from Uncle Matt's Organic2014-03-17Leena Hautaniemi
Giveaway: Electric 'Moca' Espresso Maker from IMUSA2014-03-17Mary Auriat
Giveaway: Wonderbag 2014-03-12Dororhy Davidson
Giveaway: 3-month Subscription to Taste Trunk2014-03-12Grace Young
Giveaway: Dole Salads and Chopping Block (plus a Delicious Fundraiser!)2014-03-11Pauline Morales
 Sue Gompert
 Rhonda Grable
 Dwight Younger
Giveaway: Gift Basket from Living Now2014-02-13Kathryn Jack
Giveaway: Formula 409® Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off Gift Basket2014-02-13Christi Oscarson
Giveaway: $75 Gift Certificate for WiseDecor Decorative Lettering2014-02-04Monica Fleegel
Giveaway: Timber Roasters from Rustic Roasters2014-01-26Ryan Little
Giveaway: Set of 4 Timber Coasters from Rustic Roasters2014-01-26Nicholas Chow
Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for Core Kitchen products2014-01-26Scarlett Lapasinskas
Giveaway: Fair Trade Products goodie bag for Fair Trade Month 20132014-01-26Pat Carlisle
Giveaway: Wonder Shredders from Jacob Bromwell2014-01-26Beth Crowley
Giveaway: Crackers Gift Pack from Funley's2014-01-26June Snyder
Giveaway: Electric Multi-Cooker and Pizza Maker from NewWave2014-01-13Tricia Weaver
Giveaway: Salad Chopper with Bowl from OXO2014-01-07Joan Leonard
Giveaway: 9 Piece Nesting Bowls & Colanders Set from OXO2014-01-07Jacqueline Bethune
Giveaway: PureFizz and Qwik Wisk from Mastrad2014-01-05Michelle St. James
Giveaway: Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest from Uncommon Goods2014-01-05Wm.courtney Iii
Giveaway: Super-Fast Thermapen and ChefAlarm by ThermoWorks2013-12-26Diana Yates
Giveaway: Plate Topper Set from PlateTopper2013-12-26Angela Palmer
Giveaway: Everyday Thai Cookbook by Katie Chin2013-12-26Leslie Rigsby
 Mat Spackman
 Anita Hoium
Giveaway: Try the World Paris goodie box from Try the World2013-12-26Anthony Kitelinger
Giveaway: Coffee Basket from Puro Fairtrade Coffee2013-12-23Claire Martel
Giveaway: Shortbread Gift Pack from Duchy Originals2013-12-23Jayson Shafer
Giveaway: Google Nexus 72013-12-15Tai Mcclendon
Giveaway: Hully Gully skirt from Shabby Apple2013-11-28Christine Viscomi
Giveaway: One-Month Experience of Wines from Club W.2013-11-26Paula Vanbuskirk
Giveaway: Gift Basket from Nestlé Kitchens2013-11-26Jim Hale
Giveaway: Vegetarian Meal Prize Pack from Tasty Bite2013-11-26Roger Brint
Giveaway: Gift Bundle from Mohawk Valley Trading Co.2013-11-26Renee Grandinetti
Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate to Core Kitchen2013-11-26Leslie Bitner
Giveaway: 6 pc Forged Knives with Block Set from TSU2013-11-26Marcus Albarado
Giveaway: Muir Glen Tomatoes and Tote Bag2013-11-11Susan Davis
Giveaway: Cereal Sweets and Treats cookbook2013-11-11Jacqueline Evans
Giveaway: Pie Pops cookbook2013-11-11Linda Cope
Giveaway: Pasta Modern cookbook and Pasta Giftpack by Francine Segan2013-11-10Michael Edwards
Giveaway: Naturally Sweet Crackers from Milton's Craft Bakers2013-10-24Michelle Eckert
Giveaway: Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker2013-10-24Adrian Lamont
Giveaway: Asian Wok from ManPans2013-10-21Susan Hartman
Giveaway: TopChips Chip Maker from Mastrad2013-10-21Elaine Carter
Giveaway: Candy Buffet and Giftcard from CandyGalaxy.com2013-10-21Bohdan Zurawskyj
Giveaway: Free Vlasic Pickles Coupons2013-10-17Brenda Merson
Giveaway: Toddy Wedge by Toddy Gear2013-10-14Carol Dunahoo
Giveaway: Granola Bars + SHAPE Magazine from Cascadian Farms and SHAPE2013-10-14Steve Freeman
Giveaway: Farm to Table Collection Gift Basket by Cracker Barrel2013-10-14Thomas Bellamy
Giveaway: The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester2013-10-14Denise Levy
Giveaway: Vitamix Giveaway from Whole Foods Market & Driscoll’s2013-09-15Rene Hasselle
Giveaway: Mighty Leaf DIY Iced Tea Brewing Kit2013-09-15Clare Rey
Giveaway: Rio 10-inch Ceramic Non-Stick Open Fry Pan by GreenPan 2013-09-12Tammy Ta
Giveaway: The Cook Apron from ValRice.com2013-09-08Emerson Miller
Giveaway: Aroma Forté Series 20-Cup Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow Cooker2013-09-08Amber Pottorff
Giveaway: iPad Mini2013-09-02Leroy Boardman
Giveaway: Spice Pack from MySpiceSage.com2013-08-31Maureen Clegg
 Sheila Urlaub
 Don Bailen
 David Dunbar
 Karen Hammer
 Pu Ye
 Val Fonseth
 Marlene Thorne
 Sarah Banks
 Courtney Tomasu
 Pam Tallent
 Debbie Bashford
 Erica Wells
 Dale L Walker
Giveaway: Summer Picnic Basket from The Fruit Company2013-08-22Sharon Travis
Giveaway: Green Star Elite Juicer from Tribest2013-08-19Lynn Williamson
Giveaway: Healthy Gift Basket from Carrington Farms2013-08-19Carole Kessler
Giveaway: Set of 18 Handy Cocktail Plates from Holdaplate2013-08-19Kathy Pabich
Giveaway: Pig-shaped Cutting Board from Epicurean’s Animal Shapes Series2013-08-19Orest Firman
Giveaway: Anytime’s The Right Time for Ice Cream Gift Set from Tovolo2013-08-19Oliver Baker
Giveaway: Wine and Gardening Kit from Double Decker2013-08-08Susan
Giveaway: Avocado Giftbox from 2013-08-08Bernadine Dragel
Giveaway: Into Wine book and Wine Tasting ticket2013-08-08Linda Scanlan
Giveaway: Delights with Cheddar Cat Food from Fancy Feast2013-07-31Debbie Chaney
 Anthony W. Damin
 Alan Weiner
 Kathryn Cort
 Paula Talmud
 Jayne Leland
 Rhonda Grable
 Gail Monagle
 Judy Swanson
 Jillian Wilkowski
 Nancy Spires
 Cindi Simon
 Judy Goodwin
 Carol Dunahoo
 Brenda Jensen
 Daniel Hoenecke
 Amy Hamilton
 Kirsten Watts
 Pamela Tessmer
 George Pasino
Giveaway: 5 Marinades + $50 Giftcard from Mrs. Dash2013-07-29Shirley Younger
Giveaway: Gourmet Pantry Products from OpenSky2013-07-28Melissa Dorian
Giveaway: 3-Day BluePrintCleanse2013-07-25Jeff Pargeon
Giveaway: Steamy Kitchen T-Shirt from WhoopTee2013-07-25Rebecca Tull
 John Albarado
 Jill Spackman
 Cynthia A. Waterman
 Lynn Carol Tereba
Giveaway: 10 Free Ben and Jerry's Pints2013-07-21Janine Willingham
Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate to Swanson Health Products2013-07-21Anita Hoium
Giveaway: $50 giftcard to Sur La Table2013-07-21Kitty Pabich
Giveaway: Ninja Frying System2013-07-18Suzanne Lewis
Giveaway: Precise Portions Lifestyle Starter Set 2013-07-11Christine Viscomi
SOBE Trip and KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway2013-07-11Ivan Plumridge
Giveaway: 2 Anti-Cancer Cookbooks + Whole Foods gift card2013-07-11Richard Hicks
Giveaway: $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Card2013-07-11Linda Howard
Giveaway: Monogram Serving Tray from Rutherford Papers2013-07-11Tim Mooney
Giveaway: Swerve Sweetener2013-06-20Jeff Hill
Giveaway: $175 Gift Certificate from Albion Fit2013-06-20Theresa Michalik
Giveaway: Wusthof Gourmet 8" Chef's Vegetable Knife2013-06-20Beth Klocinski
Giveaway: Aroma Rice Cooker2013-06-09Nina Parets
Giveaway: iPad Mini2013-05-26Glenn Kawatachi
Giveaway: Dana Tea Chest from Greentea Design2013-05-14Gerry Long
Giveaway: Wisconsin Cheese and La Brea Bread gift basket2013-05-08Christine Robinson
Giveaway: Brookside Chocolate2013-05-06Emma Horton
Giveaway: Indoor Bonsai Tree from the Soothing Company2013-05-06Louis Mclurkin
Giveaway: Microcomputer Controlled / Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker2013-04-25Robert Lesiw
Giveaway: EZ Bean Cooker2013-04-25Cindy Lodato
Giveaway: Ravi Instant Wine Refresher and Wine Iceberg2013-04-18Diane Martin
Giveaway: Wisconsin Cheese Entertaining Gift Basket2013-04-11Kristina
Giveaway: 3 Glass Water Bottles from Faucet Face 2013-04-11Sarah Beesley
Giveaway: Double-Burner Grill/Griddle Combo from Swiss Diamond2013-04-11Pamela Arbour
Giveaway: Whirlpool Ice Collection Refrigerator2013-03-19Johanne
Giveaway: Korin Ion Strong Diamant Chardonnay Glass Set of 2 2013-03-19Mark Penn
Giveaway: Dinner for 4 from GetMaineLobster.com2013-03-19Stephanie Scarduzio
Giveaway: Green Kitchenware Eco-Friendly Tableware 2013-03-12Julie Abbott
Giveaway: Eagle Brand2013-03-12Denise Klopfanstein
Giveaway: Rutherford Papers2013-03-12Tess Lindsey
Giveaway: BISSELL SpotBot Deep Cleaner2013-03-03Doris Wood
Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate to CertifiedSteakandSeafood.com2013-02-27Pat Lamken
Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate (#2) to CertifiedSteakandSeafood.com2013-02-27Lynette Huckaby
Giveaway: iPad Mini2013-02-23Sam King
Giveaway: Spices for the New Cook Starter Kit from Spice Islands2013-02-14Carol Lundberg
Giveaway: Free Night's Stay at a Radisson Hotel2013-02-13Silvana Moscato
Giveaway: Velata Chocolate Fondue Warmer with 3 Bags of Chocolate2013-02-07Sayuri
Giveaway: Gourmet Gift Basket from Parmesan.com2013-02-03James Mcdaniel
Giveaway: MyMemories Software Giveaway2013-02-01Matthew Shepherd
Giveaway: Avocado Oil from Chosen Foods2013-01-31Irene Uejio
Giveaway: $50 Gift Card for CandyStore.com2013-01-30Jim Davies
Giveaway: Ninja Cooking System2013-01-29Penny Mccann
Giveaway: Jacob Bromwell Collector's Copper Cup2013-01-28Perry Poe
Giveaway: 6 Month Supply of Annie's Pizzas2013-01-26Ralph Cirillo
Giveaway: $150 Gift Card for SousVideSupreme.com2013-01-24Carolyn Tribe
Giveaway: Best Spatula Ever by GIR2013-01-15Gale Buell
Giveaway: The Boys' Club Ultimate Budget Bar Kit2013-01-06Emmett Skidmore
Giveaway: PaperlessKitchen Starter Kit2013-01-03Jennifer Green
Giveaway: VTech Design Phone2013-01-01Linda Deming
Giveaway: Wilsonart HD Kitchen Makeover2012-12-4Leighton Vansickel
Giveaway: 3-Month Subscription of Tropical Fruit Delivery from FromTheFarm.com2012-12-12James D Moyers
Giveaway: LAURENT GRAS: MY PROVENCE Digital Cookbook2012-12-04Deborah Butler
 Eddie Perlson
Giveaway: $15 Whole Foods Gift Card from Genji2012-12-03Donna Frushon
 Carrie Shoults
Giveaway: 18x24" Canvas Print from Easy Canvas Prints2012-11-29Kate Sherwood
 Robin Rahman
 Marlene Barcelo
Giveaway: iPad2012-11-18Cynthia Weaver
Giveaway: $100 iTunes from Dole2012-11-14Bonita Sorfleet
Giveaway: Crown Berkey Water Filter2012-11-13Debbie Miller
Giveaway: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Prize Pack2012-11-08Debbie Bellows
Giveaway: Cuisinart Elite 14-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor2012-10-28Lori Griffith
Giveaway: Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare2012-10-22Lauri Sutor
Giveaway: EZ Bean Cooker2012-10-10Belinda Shaw
Giveaway: Blue Cash Me If you Can $300 Gift Card Giveaway2012-10-06Robert Pellegrino
Giveaway: Knotty Daughters Aprons2012-09-06Pamela Brint
Giveaway: Recipe Cards and Gift Stickers2012-08-28Maureen Cassai
Giveaway: Technique 2pc Enamel Light Weight Cast Iron Frypan Set2012-08-25Jack England
Giveaway: Bialetti Aeternum Pink Saute Pans2012-08-21Lynn Mills
Giveaway: Blendtec Total Blender Designer Series2012-08-18Theo Braswell
Giveaway: Jif Hazelnut Spread Tasting Kit2012-08-06Lanine
Giveaway: Fusionwood 8 Inch Chef Knife2012-08-05Lynn Mills
Giveaway: Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser2012-07-24Clayton S Hogstrom
Giveaway: Food Blogging For Dummies2012-07-10Janet Lindell
Giveaway: iPad2012-07-03Karen Marti
Giveaway: 360 Cookware 1-Quart Saucepan2012-07-03Harold Thacker
Giveaway: more than alive Care Package2012-06-30David Steele
Giveaway: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker2012-06-30Russ Reynolds
Giveaway: Jacob Bromwell2012-06-24Judy Brown
Giveaway: Adobe Lightroom 42012-06-21Kristen W
Giveaway: Wean Green Container Set 2012-06-04David Kidle
Giveaway: Your Special Dish Personalized Serving Bowl2012-06-03Deborah Dahlin
Giveaway: appSmitten $50 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway2012-05-31Linda Guss
Giveaway: Next Day Flyers Custom Postcards and Stickers2012-05-28Josh Hart
Giveaway: Char Crust Seasoning2012-05-23Lonna Henry
Giveaway: FridgeX Silicone Food Storage2012-05-22Ashley Balentine
Giveaway: EarthPan+ 12 Inch Skillet Giveaway2012-05-17Trena Taggart
Giveaway: Kindle Fire2012-05-09Deborah Foster
Teflon Heart Health Skillet Giveaway2012-05-07Pharrah Blackwood
Giveaway: SnapIt Screen Capture2012-04-24Gale Cox
Giveaway: Aroma Rice Cooker2012-04-18Helen Mille
Giveaway: Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Storage2012-04-17Pat Payant
Giveaway: Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill-Fryer2012-04-11Ishmael Taylor
Giveaway: Greentea Design $3,300 Maru Dining Table2012-04-02Cynthia Smith
Giveaway: Snapware Airtight Plastic Canisters2012-03-28Hjcross
Giveaway: iPad2012-03-28Darlene Comeaux
Giveaway: Liberty Mutual $100 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card2012-03-26Danelle Kinion
Giveaway: Treatful $100 Gift Card2012-03-19Bill Kelley
Giveaway: Blue Cash Me If you Can $300 Gift Card Giveaway2012-03-09Sandra Becker
 Denise France
Giveaway: Marx Foods Oyster Sampler2012-03-01Nichole Rae Lenz
Giveaway: Earthy Delights Yuzu Hot Sauce Collection 2012-02-29Lily Lee
Giveaway: Appliances Online $100 Amazon Gift Card2012-02-27Christine Digiacomo
 Wayne Chow
Giveaway: Marx Foods Pate Sampler2012-02-23Cassandra Peyer
Giveaway: Macy's Recipe Share Giveaway2012-02-19Kevin Kirby
Giveaway: Ile De France Cheese2012-02-15Josee Forget
Giveaway: Cherryvale Farms Everything But The... Baking Mixes2012-02-12Ruth Utterback
Giveaway: more than alive Nuts, Berries and Baking Package2012-02-08Mimi
Giveaway: Easy Canvas Print 16x20 Gallery Wrap2012-02-07Christine Digiacomo
Giveaway: Jacob Bromwell2012-02-01Terry Orourke
Giveaway: Jif New Classics Recipe Contest Giveaway2012-02-01Loretta Crow
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